There is often a need to use really effective degreasing/cleaning products for general purpose surface cleansing. But many products formulated to remove grease are to aggressive for general purpose application.

This multi-purpose cleaner has been designed to bridge this gap for the convenience of all types of user.

This product has been specially formulated to deal with the really greasy places often encountered in kitchens and restaurants etc where food is prepared.

Whilst being very effective at removing grease based residues it is still not a highly caustic product and will keep surfaces clean if used on a daily basis. It is more effective if used regularly on surfaces that have been cleared of burnt on deposits from cookers and ovens etc but even these residues respond over a period of regular use.

The efficiency of the Multi-Purpose Cleaner means it can even be used to cope with the filters from hoods over commercial cookers and at dilutions which make it economically attractive.
I am now use this product for all my cleaning” Pierre Pauchet, International French Chef
“This has made a big improvement to my cleanup operation”
Concentrate: <10% cationic surfactants, <10% complexing agents with optional blue colour with or without transient lemon scent. Spray: <1% cationic surfactants, <1% complexing agents again with optional blue colour with or without transient lemon scent.

500 ml ready to use Spray or concentrate in 1L (single or boxes of 10), 5L (single or boxes of 2x5L) or 25 Litre drums.

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