Seven content crackers from 2015

What was your content marketing highlight of 2015?

We head into next year with 88 per cent of buisnesses claiming to actively use content marketing, according to figures released by the Content Marketing Institute.

But only 32 per cent rate their organisation’s content marketing approach as ‘sophisticated’ or ‘mature’.

So there’s still a long way to go.

Content marketing excellence

Content marketing works best when it’s amazing, but amazing isn’t easy to achieve.

It takes extraordinary amounts of expertise, effort and experience – or, sometimes, just exceptional timing.

Not every piece of content will be a huge success, but the rewards can be enormous – from both SEO and brand visibility perspectives – for those that do excel.

Panning for gold

In that spirit, we asked our team to nominate their favourite pieces of content from 2015. Here’s what they came up with.


World of Swiss

Nominated by Alex Ashman

World of Swiss

“I really liked this flying-through-the-clouds interactive from Swiss Air,” said Alex – just like the 4,337 people who made social interactions with it.

From stunning aeriel views to behind-the-scenes videos of the crew and airline operations, Swiss Air’s World of Swiss earned widespread praise when it was launch in the Spring.

Social interactions: 4,337 (via Sharetally)
Backlinks: 26 domains (via BuzzSumo)


My Premier League Life

Nominated by Richard Bannister

My Premier League Life

BBC Sport’s efforts to provide personal illustrations of Premier League history amazed football fans this summer.

“This piece probably deserved more backlinks,” said Richard, “but it was clearly built for social interaction, and on that basis it was a definite success.

“The visualisation of such an enormous amount of data was breathtaking. It makes you want to share it both socially and verbally – and that’s when you know the content’s good.”

Social interactions: 23,432 (via Sharetally)
Backlinks: 10 domains (via BuzzSumo)


This Girl Can

Nominated by Rebecca Moss

This Girl Can

Sport England launched their This Girl Can content campaign back in January and generated immediate results.

The campaign was designed to address research findings that showed fewer women than men play sport regularly – despite 75 per cent of women saying they want to be more active.

Sport England chief executive Jennie Price said: “Every single woman I have talked to about this campaign – and that is now hundreds – has identified with … that fear of not being ‘good enough’ in some way.

“The fear that you are the only one who feels like that is what we want to address.”

Social interactions: 19,860 (via Sharetally)
Backlinks: 688 domains (via BuzzSumo)
(Figures for the This Girl Can homepage only.)


To Apple, Love Taylor

Nominated by Neil Barraclough

Taylor Swift

“Sometimes the simplest things can be the most effective,” said Neil.

“Taylor Swift needed only 488 words on a single Tumblr post to generate links, social interactions and massive global media exposure – just as her new album was hitting the shelves.”

Cynical marketing stunt? Or a genuine plea on behalf of artists around the world?

Whatever the motives behind Swift’s open letter to Apple, the results were enormous.

Social interactions: 147,093 (via Sharetally)
Backlinks: 1,858 domains (via BuzzSumo)


Aldi Telescope Christmas Advert 2015

Nominated by Stacey MacNaught

Aldi Christmas ad

A late entry, but Stacey was hooked when discount supermarket Aldi released their Christmas TV advert.

“Advertising gold,” she wrote on Twitter. “Aldi wins Christmas with its spoof of the John Lewis ad. Made my day.”

And with social interactions, backlinks and coverage secured in The Independent, The Mirror, The Daily Telegraph, Metro and the Daily Mail, it’s hard to disagree.

YouTube video statistics
Social interactions: 54,500 (via BuzzSumo)
Video embeds: 61 domains (via MajesticSEO)

Also nominated…


“A stroke of genius,” was how one of our team described this content.

By proposing to team up with their main competitor, Burger King gained interest not just from media outlets all over the world but also McDonald’s customers.

Combine all that attention and brand visibility with a stellar scrolling website and you’ve got a fun and brilliantly executed piece of content.

Social interactions: 54,300 (via Sharetally)
Backlinks: 835 domains (via BuzzSumo)


#LetGo –

LetGo Sanctuary

This emotional content from Sanctuary generated a huge boost in brand awareness, earning coverage from sites including Marie Claire, Huffington Post and Mail Online.

Perhaps we should listen to our elders, take heed and not constantly feel under pressure to be living ‘perfect’ lives?

YouTube video statistics
Social interactions: 6,190 (via Sharetally)
Video embeds: 197 domains (via MajesticSEO)


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