Bradford fans: welcome to Tecmark




Bradford fans: welcome to Tecmark.

Here’s how to get a responsive, hassle-free website that boosts your business and brand.


At Tecmark, we’re proud to be Bradford Bulls’ digital partner.

It’s a relationship that excites us because Bradford – and their loyal fans like you – match our determination to succeed. Visit Odsal on any game-day and it’s clear to see.

Bradford & Tecmark
Dedication. Teamwork. Drive.

Just like your beloved Bulls, we pride ourselves on these three qualities. We know that nothing good comes without hard graft.

But when you’re busy running your own business, it’s easy to get pulled in different directions.

That’s why we’ve spent countless hours building – and perfecting – our SME website products.

And if you’re bigger than that, our team of SEO, content and development experts are ready to help. We’ve worked with brands like BUPA, Sony and Warner Bros on major projects.

So whatever your level – from affordable websites through to industry-leading content marketing – we’re here for you.

Get started online with Tecmark WebPro

-For the price of a pint a day, you could have a 24/7 marketing tool that’s always on call.

When your customers come looking, you’ll be ready.

And it won’t matter whether they’re on their phone, tablet or computer: we’ll make sure your website looks brilliant on any device.

With Tecmark WebPro, your website woes are gone. We’ve spent months refining a system so you don’t have to worry.

Hosted on super-fast servers, so your customers never get frustrated, your website will benefit from professional design, content and imagery.

And if you want to make changes later, our training – and the back-end system we’ve built – makes it simple and easy.

Read more about Tecmark WebPro here.

Interested? Call Mike Wainwright on 0151 556 2781 to have a chat about Tecmark WebPro.

Step things up with WebPromote

-If you’re looking for more, our WebPromote package could be just the job.

It’s designed to get more visitors to your website, let you know where they come from and monitor what they view.

It unlocks crucial data that could make the difference to your business.

And it provides increased search engine exposure, putting your brand in front of more people.

When those visitors arrive, they’re met with new and fresh content that grabs their attention immediately.

Read more about Tecmark WebPromote here.

Email Mike Wainwright to see if Tecmark WebPromote could do a job for you.

Want even more? Our in-house team of content marketing experts is ready.

In a busy world, getting seen is increasingly difficult. But by teaming with Tecmark, you can rest easy in the knowledge your content is working to its full potential.

We help brands boost their organic traffic and get major media exposure through content-led SEO.

From idea generation through to content production and securing valuable media coverage, we’re there for every step. And we do it all with our industry-leading team of in-house experts and specialists.

So if you’re looking for advice on outreach, getting more leverage or increasing your search visibility, we know we could help.

Call Gareth Chadwick on 0161 266 4450 for a friendly, no obligation chat about what you might be looking for.

Why us?

-Our results speak for themselves. We don’t just talk – we deliver.

You’ve probably seen some of our recent work – we’re responsible for the brand new Bradford Bulls website.

But we do a lot more than just build websites.

We’re experts at getting media coverage for our clients, and we’ve done the same thing for ourselves.

Our research about smartphone usage generated stories:

  • on the BBC.
  • in four national newspapers.
  • on television show Good Morning Britain.
  • in international titles like the Sydney Morning Herald.

We recently helped another client increase their website revenue by 94%.

And we’ve helped someone else rank for 30,000 keywords – up from an initial number of 10,000.

It’s all about the team

-Results like that are due to the quality of our staff.

Our search director, Stacey MacNaught, is an internationally renowned speaker. She’s appeared in Seattle at invite-only SEO conference MozCon, where the world’s brightest and best hung on every word of one of Tecmark’s senior team.

And now we’d love to help you.

Call 0151 556 2781 to find out more.



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