Brighton SEO is even bigger this year

Tecmark’s team is heading down south to attend Brighton SEO, the UK’s biggest SEO event.

This amazing conference has grown every year since it began.

From hosting 1,700 people last April, this time, Brighton SEO proudly welcome 3,500 people to The Brighton Centre on the 2nd of September.

We are very excited to attend lots of interesting networking events, and experience a full day hearing some great speakers.

Our very own Stacey MacNaught is opening the main stage with her keynote presentation, focusing on what white-hat link builders can learn from ‘churn and burn’ spammers.

We are excited to hear, for example, Lauren Greatorex talking about creating B2B marketing campaign ideas that sell, as well as Laura Crimmons focusing on finding the value of Digital PR beyond the links.

We won’t miss Aleyda Solis talking about how to drive growth through your SEO audits, and Paddy Moogan’s presentation focusing on a strategy for the new wave of video platforms.

Brighton SEO will be massive this year, so we hope we’ll manage to see and hear as much as possible.

See you there.

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