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“As a new business it was vital we made solid decisions in our early days - and teaming with Tecmark was one of the best choices we ever made.”
- Mark Rigby, head operating officer of Insurance Revolution

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Like many financial businesses, Insurance Revolution was reliant on paid media channels to drive online leads.

This came at a cost and, with increasing competition, they turned to Tecmark to drive their organic growth and reduce their overall cost per lead.

We were asked to raise awareness of the brand and deliver a 200 per cent increase in web visitors and leads.

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How we did it

Our outreach team produced a range of ideas that could help gain media coverage before opting to focus on two strong suggestions.

In the run up to Christmas, we commissioned a survey looking at attitudes to drink driving.

The results made headlines across the country – and put Insurance Revolution at the centre of a major story.

We also targeted new and young drivers – a key demographic for the client – by running a ‘My First Wheels’ competition that resonated with social media users and bloggers.

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