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Since our launch in 2008, Tecmark has been innovative in our approach to web and app development. Taking the brief as a jumping-off point, our method involves intense focus on the bare bones – the core objectives and the target audience.

Once we’ve identified the Minimum Viable Product, we test it and build from there. This means that any unnecessary features or distracting tools are stripped away, and all further development is intuitive and created on a purely functional basis.

We’ll work closely with you throughout our partnership, pursuing a consistent and productive conversation and always prioritising the objectives and targets that you set out.

Our Experience

Thanks to our approach of developing for iOS first, then expanding features for all other devices, we can be sure that the platform works across the board.

We delivered impressive results over the years. We’ve delivered major interactive elements that have secured 5,000 social shares and helped to increase website revenue for one client by 94%. We’ve also put together attractive and engaging infographics that add colour and interest to a site or app while simultaneously engaging the right audiences and guiding traffic to the key areas of a business’s online network.

It’s all about results

We continuously align with your objectives. A good online presence is never completed – it never stops changing.

We deliver and measure consistently impressive results, with no fussy extras. We never overbuild. We create exactly what your brand needs.

Get in touch

Give us a call today on 0161 266 4450 or email us on to talk through your requirements with us and discover how we could improve your business’s online identity.

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