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We employ an approach that has produced exceptional results for over 10 years when developing apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Tecmark’s main focus is the performance of the product itself; once we know precisely what features the app is intended to perform and what your business wants to achieve from the platform, we set out to develop a product that is simple, meets your business objectives and helps you connect with your target audience.

Our Process

We have a unique approach to app development – in that our products are created for the Apple iOS platform first, then adjusted and reimagined for Android and all other devices ensuring functionality is seamless and completely instinctive in all situations.

Tecmark always takes a no-frills, stripped back approach to mobile app development. After all, you want every user to feel comfortable and confident when engaging with your brand – plus, simple and intuitive technology results in easily quantifiable data, meaning you can easily track the success of each app’s activity and record the conversions it has influenced.

Working Together

The work we undertake for our clients is always collaborative – after all, we need to know that what we’re doing is exactly what you need. Our relationship with you and your organisation will be ongoing – devices are constantly changing, as are the needs and requirements of the general public. Every good mobile development agency knows that an app is never truly finished, so we’ll continue to hone the products we create to ensure that they respond directly to each and every new demand and perform exactly how you need them to, reporting back to you every step of the way.

Tell Us What You Need

If you’d like to discuss your ideas with Tecmark today, just call us on 0161 266 4450 or email us on We’ll be happy to chat with you and see what we can create for your

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