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Google My Business Service Areas – GMB Just Became a Lot More Helpful, Again

The Google My Business tool just became a lot more helpful, again

  • You can now add your service areas to Google My Business if they’re different, or more widespread than your physical address.
  • This is a significant update that has solved a common, and detrimental issue for many users.
  • Find out all about the update, and how to add, edit and remove a service area here.

The Google My Business console, better known as the GMB console is a great tool for putting businesses on the map – quite literally. It allows a business (be it an SME or a larger organisation) to list their company and all its details including name, location, opening hours and more. If you’re a company owner, you should update your business information regularly and every time there are any changes to procedures to make sure your page is always as accurate, and therefore as valuable, as it can be.

The Google My Business update… GMB service areas

Yes, that’s right, Google have introduced yet another update to the GMB platform so that you can now define your service area on the page too.

Helping organisations to specify the exact geographic area they offer service to – which in turn allows you to reach out to your target demographic and a wider potential consumer base.

Target audience

Previously, service-area businesses had no control over what their GMB listing displayed in terms of areas served, it was set as a distance around where the business is physically located. But, if you’re an organisation that offers a service that extends far further than your physical base – then this can seriously sell yourself and your business short, and this is where Google My Business was originally problematic; and is what the new update has worked to tackle.

One location for your address, one location for your service area

So, from now on, there will be separate fields in the Google My Business console – one for editing a company’s physical address, and the other for editing their areas of service. For example, your business could be located in Liverpool, but could actually offer services to clientele across the entire North West and even beyond. The new, updated GMB feature will allow companies to make this clear.

Let’s look at an example of a company who may have struggled under the previous Google My Business regime, but whom this new update will benefit greatly.

A window cleaner from Merseyside. Their main office is in Toxteth, but they offer services that extend all around the city centre and over the water to the Wirral areas too.

Previously, their GMB would have displayed their services area as Toxteth, so if you’re wanting your windows cleaned in Birkenhead, you probably wouldn’t give them a second thought. But now, with the new update, the window cleaner can specify that their services extend far further than Toxteth, and yes, they will be able to clean your windows in Birkenhead too.

Google My Business Page Update
Your window cleaners service areas can now be displayed more clearly, thanks to the latest Google My Business update.

And it’s for companies that don’t operate in their official address, too

And, businesses that don’t serve customers at all where the business is located (which is entirely common, as some companies are entirely service orientated and do not operate at all at one remote base) can leave the address field blank and only enter their service area.

This works great for a business that has a base office where they manage their admin and other activities, but does no physical work whatsoever in this actual location.

For example, you may be a visiting hairdresser in Staffordshire. You’re based in Lichfield, but you do no business in Lichfield due to having no real clientele there.

It’s your home address, which you use for business correspondence, but the most part of your work is carried out in the Cannock and Walsall areas, which is slightly West of Lichfield. Before, your service area would have been displayed as Lichfield, which is misleading. But now, thanks to the latest Google My Business update, you can show potential clients where you really do business.

Google My Business Service Areas - GMB Just Became a Lot More Helpful, Again 1
The hairdresser can now differentiate her home and business address from her service area.

So, how do you use it?

As with most Google My Business features, it’s quite straightforward to add your service areas to your console if you already have a little GMB know-how. Here’s how…

How to add or edit a service area

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business platformSIgn in GMB
  2.  If you have multiple locations, open the location you’d like to manage
  3. Manage Lo
  4. From the menu, click ‘Info’Info
  5. In the service area section, click ‘Edit’

Service Area Edit 7. Enter your service area information (you can set your service area based on the regions, cities, or post/ZIP codes that you serve)

8. Note: You can no longer set your service area as a distance around your business

9. Click ‘Apply’

Apply service area

How to remove a service area

Note: You can only remove your service area if you’ve entered your business address.

  1. Sign in to your Google My Business platform
  2. If you have multiple locations, open the location you’d like to manage
  3. From the menu, click ‘Info’
  4. In the service area section, click ‘Edit’

Edit Service Area5. Click the ‘X’ next to each service area you want to remove

6. To remove all service areas at once, click ‘Clear service areas’

Delete Service Area

7. Click ‘Apply’

Find out more about Google My Business, Local SEO and more…

Google is constantly innovating to make its services more beneficial for its users. With every update to the Google My Business tool comes the increased likelihood that your business platform will convert visitors into leads. You can find out more about the latest Google updates here, or perhaps learn the benefits of  local SEO and why it’s beneficial for your business here.

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