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Beesley and Company   No obligation, Just Honest Advice

Beesley and Company help companies in debt by advising on all options. In complete confidence and without obligation we offer a free consultation where we will consider your company debt problems in relation to:

Recovery Plans
Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)

When trading falters or ceases the risks to owners, directors, partners, staff and creditors are real and potentially damaging but risks can be minimised by making the right choice on how to proceed. Legal procedures exist that enable companies and partnerships to recover from debt and continue trading or to wind up with a degree of protection provided for individuals involved. Beesley and company can advise on risks. We offer an inititial consultation free of charge. If you are not pursuaded that we can find the best way forward you will owe us nothing.

Bailiffs, landlords, creditors and Inland Revenue and Customs can all pursue repayment of debts but all can be restrained by law by implementing the correct legal procedure. It may be possible to freeze your company’s debts, freeze interest charges and prevent unhelpful actions by creditors. It may even be possible to write off some debt and repay the remainder out of future company profits.

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