Tips for Breaking into the PR Industry

Getting your foot in the door at a PR agency or with an in-house team can be a challenge, especially in such a competitive industry. Here are 4 tips to help you stand out from the crowd and help make your transition into the PR industry as stress free as possible.


If you’re already on the hunt for a career in PR you will notice that, time and time again, experience recurs as an essential skill – this could be for a junior role, account executive or higher. You may be growing frustrated wondering how to gain experience if no one is giving you a chance but there are actually many routes to take before jumping into a full time position.

Internships and work experience are invaluable, you will gain skills in the workplace that you’ll be able to implement in a future job, whether this be an agency or in-house. Many companies are more than happy to place budding individuals in suitable positions with durations lasting anywhere from a week to three months or more.  

Other routes that are well worth looking into while trying to break into the industry are apprenticeship schemes, online courses and training days. You should be sure these are certified courses, for example the PRCA and the CIPR are just two of the many reputable providers offering training.


An essential skill in PR is writing. You will be writing press releases, blog posts and features – not to mention needing strong writing skills for day-to-day tasks such as planning campaigns, reporting and communicating with media, clients and colleagues.

Although not all businesses will expect you to be fluent in each individual content style, it’s a great idea to showcase some of your best work via a blog, proving your ability to future employers.

Blogging is not only showing off your most impressive writing, it’s also helping to sculpt you as a future employee, advertising your creative side and also showing your passion for the industry. It may also be the case that you have to upload content onto your clients blogs in the future so having previous experience working with different CMS systems is a good head start.

Look after your online profiles

Not only will your future employers be going over your online profiles with a fine toothed comb, making it vital they are all squeaky clean, you will also be exposed to journalists, bloggers and other marketing professionals.

It’s crucial that your social media profiles mirror the best version of yourself, being vanilla and professional where possible.

Social media is also a brilliant and free resource to interact with like minded individuals, growing your network while getting your name out into the industry.

You may consider composing lists to stream the most relevant and important people in the industry, so you never miss an opportunity that could arise.

Transferable skills – Get creative!

Even without specific experience in public relations you will certainly posses transferable skills and experience in other industries that will definitely be useful.  

When applying for jobs in a digital agency having personality and creativity is a stand out quality. Whether this be choosing an engaging way to present your resume or showing past examples of when your creativity went a long way. Have you got your own Youtube channel? Podcasts? Stunts? Charity work? Party planning? All these different activities and many more are a sure way to grab the attention of employers.

Get creative, show off your skills, show future employers why you would the perfect next recruit in their company.


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