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Digital PR and outreach to get your noticed

Getting your content produced and launched is just the beginning. Promoting that content through effective distribution and PR techniques is key to the success of that content in meeting your goals.

We went one step further than simply hiring “outreach executives.” We invested in a team of digital PR specialists to ensure our “outreach,” delivers tangible coverage, inbound links and results that meet our clients’ expectations.

Content promotion relies heavily on digital PR skills, great communication, solid strategy and building relationships over time. We’ve invested in this area over years and continue to develop our relationships and tactics all the time.

Our Digital PR Experts WilL Get You Seen

Our team is made up of experts who are great at getting content in front of the right people at the right time, gaining valuable media coverage and backlinks as part of the process.

Their extensive network of contacts – both in traditional and online media – know the quality of the content we provide.

PR Hats on From Day 1

Launching content and then handing it over to outreach simply does not work! Your PR and outreach people simply have to be a core part of the process or you risk ending up investing in content that, quite frankly, isn’t good enough or right to meet the goals.

Our Digital PR team is involved from day 1 in any project. They’re at the centre of the ideation process and are involved throughout the whole of the production. They work to ensure that the finished product is one we can sell in to important influencers, journalists and our target audience.

We make sure we’re targeting the right people, and our vigorous review process means the axe falls quickly on any ideas that aren’t quite right.

Our Results

Every single campaign we run has measurable, tangible targets put in place at the outset. They might include:

  • Certain link numbers or target pieces of coverage
  • Exposure in certain media outlets
  • Traffic traffic targets
  • Reach targets

The goals are based on your business objectives.

We then make it our business to do everything we can to achieve those goals. Success stories so far include:

  • Over 300 links and an additional 100 pieces of unlinked coverage for our smartphone user survey
  • Over 40 links and pieces of national coverage for our British Business Dreamers campaign
  • Over 50 regional and local pieces of coverage and links for a campaign on Britain’s best and worst drivers
  • Consistently securing national press features and exposure in travel, insurance, finance and retail

We can help you


By approaching content from a Digital PR perspective, we can help you to get noticed. Give us a call or drop us an email and tell us what you want to achieve.

Get in touch now.

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