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ITN Mark Education, one of the UK’s largest and most respected education recruitment specialists, has signed a long-term SEO contract with Tecmark.

Established in 1998, ITN Mark Education have 12 offices throughout the UK and pride themselves on providing an unparalleled quality of service to academies, schools and nurseries.

Roger Marsh, ITN Mark Education Managing Director, said: “The goal is to attract increasing numbers of high-quality teachers to a variety of permanent and temporary roles in education ranging from head teachers and senior leaders to newly qualified teachers.

“We went to Tecmark because of their proven ability to tie SEO back into commercial values.

“They also have experience of creating success in competitive sectors.”

Richard Heyes, Managing Director of Tecmark, said: “We thrive on the competitive nature of the industries that our clients work within, and we look forward to delivering results for ITN Mark Education.

“For us, this is another exciting win and something else for our team to get their teeth in to and prove their increasing value to clients.”

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