Liverpool have topped the Premier League social table yet again!

Liverpool have topped the Premier League social media table yet again, by quite a considerable amount.

Back in 2015, we conducted some research around the social media accounts of the Premier League football clubs and discovered that Liverpool had taken the crown of the most interactions, with a total of over 32 million social interactions on their combined social profiles.

This year, we’ve compiled the same research again.

Now, Liverpool have come first again, with Chelsea and Arsenal coming second and third, just like in 2015. Liverpool have amassed a huge amount of shares – over 41 million in the last year!

Back in 2015, Liverpool’s top performing piece of content received almost 120,000 social interactions alone. Now, the team’s top piece of content has received just 64.1k in total. 

Full time footballers, part time social media stars

It’s not just the clubs that have amassed millions of followers. Individual players have millions of followers over their social media accounts. Social media marketing has taken the world by storm, and the football industry is no exception.

Take Kevin Mirallas, player for Everton, who has 304 thousand followers on Instagram. He has recently starred in a campaign by New Balance sportswear – not only influencing people to buy the product, but also advertising the product to his hundreds of thousands of followers. Nowadays, clubs aren’t just buying footballers for their skills on the pitch, they’re basing their value on their social media influence too.

It’s not just products being advertised. Back in January, Manchester United player Paul Pogba became the first ever Premier League star to have his own Twitter emoji. For a limited time, all tweets that contained the hashtag #Pogba displayed an emoji image of the player’s face.

The death of Google+

You may have noticed that we’ve removed Google+ from our research this year. That’s because, since 2015, Google+ numbers have declined rapidly. The New York Times has described Google+ as a ghost town, wherein almost 270 million of its 540 million users are no longer interacting with the platform.

Goals of the season

Here are the top three single pieces of content, according to social engagement*, across the premier league:

  1. Alexandre Lacazette agrees to join Arsenal (Arsenal) – 467.5k shares
  2. Morata Transfer Agreed (Chelsea) – 364.6k shares
  3. Rooney Rejoins Everton (Everton) – 99.6k shares
*All data compiled using BuzzSumo.

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