How to Get a Great Blogger Review

In order to ensure the best possible review, you need to make sure that the blogger is the perfect candidate for your campaign, the product arrives in immaculate condition and you have tried to adhere to the bloggers requests and make the process as simple possible for both yourself and the influencer.

The Product

Before you send out the product it’s important to check that the item for review is in top condition. Make sure that everything is functional and there is no damage. A broken product is not going to do very well during the review process. This is why you also need to ensure that the item will be safe when being transported with the postal service. There are many tips for this, to give a few you can add an additional protective layer with bubble wrap, mark your package as fragile, re-package in a rigid, lightweight box, etc.

Once the item up for review has been made travel safe it is important that the blogger is made aware of the parcel’s arrival date. For a lot of bloggers their blog can be a secondary job, meaning they may not be at home very often to collect their package. Therefore it is imperative that you communicate and figure out the best delivery date that works with them.

The package has been prepped for safety and sent out for delivery; job done? No!

Always check the blogger has received their parcel. There can be rare occasions when something goes wrong on the courier’s side that you’re not made aware of. If you don’t check with the blogger, they may not say something until a day before the review deadline date. Now you have a confused/frustrated blogger, as well as a missing product that will be late for review.

The Blogger

When looking for bloggers to review, you should always read their blogs to get to know them on a more personal level. Check the item for review is suitable for them, the product is going to be beneficial for them and that they haven’t reviewed something too similar recently.

It would be a waste of both the bloggers time and your own time to get in contact with irrelevant products and could potentially damage relationships and any future reviews if a more appropriate product arises.

With the blogger it is important to make sure that from the initial moment of outreach up until the final email, that you are always pleasant and helpful.

Let the blogger know that you are happy to answer any questions and that you are there to help with any issues that they might have. Your attitude could have an effect on the review and may also damage any future relationships with not only this individual but also the wider circle.

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