Do you know when to put your smartphone down?

We are all addicted to our smartphones. Admitting we have a problem is the first step to recovery. We use our smartphones for everything, from work, shopping, social media, to catching up on the news and television we’ve missed.

But if we are constantly using our smartphones, how do we find the time to do other important life related activities such as eating, bathing, and going to the toilet?

The terrible truth is we have become the most despicable of multitaskers.

In order to find out to what extent we can’t put our smartphones down, we asked 1000 people to divulge the truth about where and when they use their smartphones.

We warn you now, the results transcend both common decency and social propriety.



The Worst Responses

Out of all the answers, we found these to be the most disgusting, disturbing and infuriating.

38.42% of respondents use their smartphones while they are on the toilet. That’s right. Women are actually the worst culprits with a staggering 214 ladies admitting to this crime, compared to a mere 171 male counterparts. They may wash your hands after going to the toilet, but do they wash their smartphone? This cant be hygienic.

Next on the list of offences is using your smartphone while you are cuddling with your partner or spouse. 14.47% of you seem to be getting away with this! And again it is women taking the lead with 88, compared to 57 men.

This final confession really takes the biscuit. A massive 24.65% of people are using their smartphone while having a face-to-face conversation with someone. It isn’t even like you can be stealthy about it, they are right there!

Gender breakdown

It seems as though the popular belief that women are better at multitasking than men has been proven in this particular survey. When it comes to smartphone sins, women are equally as culpable as men.

The data was compiled using Quicksurveys. If you would like to view the raw data it can be downloaded here. Alternatively, leave your comments and confessions below!



Dec 10, 2013
Kat Kynes

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