My Work Experience Placement at Tecmark

This week at Tecmark Towers, we’ve had a new face in the office – Alexandra, a year 10 student from Newman College, has joined us on a work experience placement.

Seeing as she impressed us all with her hard-working attitude and the quality of her writing, we thought it was only right that she ended the week with a post on the Tecmark blog. (And I’m not just being nice ‘cos she did the Krispy Kreme run this morning!)


So Alex, it’s over to you…

During my work experience at Tecmark, I have learnt about the various aspects of digital marketing. I now know a lot more about how digital marketing works and what it can achieve.

At the beginning of the week, I researched the basics of SEO, PPC, CRO & Social Media, and the work that Tecmark does, to gain an understanding of their services and the wider world of digital marketing.

Later on in the week, when I had some knowledge of Tecmark and their work, I had a go at doing some copywriting, producing SEO-friendly content on a range of topics. I have also learnt what social influencers are and helped to source them, amongst other things.

My week at Tecmark has taught me about online marketing and how it works in practice. My general knowledge of the internet has improved, as well as starting to understand the various ways websites can be promoted and gain traffic.

My favourite part of the week? The donuts, obviously.

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