Was Google’s acquisition of Motorola a good idea?

Earlier this month, Google announced it was acquiring Motorola Mobile for $12.5 billion. Everyone in the technology world pretty much agrees this was a bold move by Google, but whether it was a sensible decision remains open to debate. In the world of online search, Google is by far the dominant force, with 92% market [...]

‘Retweet,’ and ‘Woot’ Enter the Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary is often a great indicator of how language is evolving in line with trends and social habits. The latest edition is a great illustration of how we’ve adopted Twitter and its lingo with two new additions (of the 400 or so new entries) in particular catching our attention. ‘Retweet’ and ‘woot,’ [...]

SEO – Why Bronze, Silver and Gold Just Don’t Work for us

It’s not particularly uncommon for us for us to be asked about our ‘standard SEO packages’ or whether we have a ‘gold, silver, bronze’ type set up we can quote based upon. The short answer is ‘no.’ At Tecmark, we simply don’t entertain the idea of a bronze, silver and gold standard and generic pricing [...]

Comment Spam is NOT SEO

Comment spam is undoubtedly the bane of the life of anyone managing a blog. Particularly a WordPress powered blog. For all the plugins and verification methods you can employ to try and prevent it, one will slip through. I get a LOT of spam both through comments on various blogs I manage and contribute to [...]

SEO and Google Infinite Scroll

The rumour mill is buzzing with talk of a forthcoming Google search engine feature – infinite scroll. Infinite scroll would essentially mean that when users search for something, they would not be restricted to just ten results on the first page. In fact, the first page would be the only page. As happens presently on [...]

Yahoo Natural Results to be Delivered by Bing

Yahoo was, once upon a time, a reasonably successful search engine. But it didn’t make it into the dictionary, did it? And, maybe it’s just me, but if someone said to ‘Yahoo’ something, I would think they were suggesting I should stand on a chair with my arms above my head waving and shouting as [...]

UK Mobile Internet Statistics – August 2011

In January 2011, we released version 1 of our own analysis into UK mobile web traffic. The data illustrated a massive 4000% growth in the proportion of UK web traffic accounted for by mobile devices, the number having jumped from 0.02% in September 2009 to 8.09%. We also found that Apple far outperformed Android and [...]