SEO and Online Reputation Management – The Ethics

Yesterday, the Telegraph reported a story about the Russian region of Chelyabinsk, which has recently announced it will pay the equivalent of £8000 for SEO services to essentially eradicate negative results from the prominent positions in Google, thus ensuring that users searching for information about the region find “positive or neutral evaluations of the ecological [...]

SEO – a Rounded Approach is no Longer Optional

SEO isn’t what it was five years ago. Or even two years ago. Even 6 months ago, come to think of it. The past year has changed a lot in search. Google and its smaller counterparts are finding innovative ways of determining what quality is, whether sites can be trusted and how people are engaging [...]

Google Boasts 92% Search Market Share in UK

Experian Hitwise has released up to date data suggesting that Google’s search dominance in the UK is far, far greater than its dominance in the USA. The report suggests that, contrary to what you might read around the web, Google’s share is growing (having increased from 90.53% in May to 92.02% in June 2011). Yahoo [...]

Puttluck Tourney Tees Off!

It’s finally here! One of the greatest golfing tournaments in the world…. The Open! That teed off early this morning and just as it did, so too did too the Puttluck tournament – just as prestigious in virtual terms!! Anticipation has been building over recent days with the Puttluck competition featured in the Mirror, on [...]

Why I Love SEO

I’m fortunate insofar as I have a job that I love. Like really, really love. In my role as Digital Marketing Manager at Tecmark I oversee SEO, PPC, Social Media and wider Internet and mobile app marketing campaigns.  I genuinely enjoy all of those aspects but specifically want to talk here about why I love [...]

Facebook isn’t Dead – It’s Just Getting Old

As soon as the new kid on the social media scene tipped up last week, (hello, Google Plus) there was a whole new wave of ‘Facebook is dead,’ type posts surfacing across the web. This included circulation of a rather interesting statistic:- In May 2011, 100,000 users in the UK deactivated their accounts Now, that [...]

Google Plus – the Good, the Bad and the Circles

I was somewhat cynical when I heard the pre-launch rumours about Google’s ‘new social media platform.’ After all, Google Buzz was a dismal failure, essentially an attempted clone of Twitter that was though massively under populated. In fact, my stance on the matter had been that Google should probably concentrate less on trying to get [...]